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The World Top Investor competition – edition 2016-2017, account with 5628 €

Published: 14-Dec-2016

World Top Investor competition – I’m taking part in the 7th edition!

My goal: get as better as possible return foot by minimum of risk and maximum one-hour of engagement in the World Top Investor competition. The competition lasts to 30.09.2017. My beginning capital in this competition is 6000 $ = 5630 €.

It’s the first project like that in Poland, which consists of showing results by coach. I’m waiting for similar projects, but probably they never appear. 😉

From now on, you can follow my results online and find out how my system’s approach usually stack up.

You can follow my results directly here.  Remeber, there aren’t only profits in investing. There are profitable periods, but also the lossy ones. Only the difference between those two values can show if something is effective.


I’ll public short video-coverages from the competition. I’ll discuss about current results, tell about my investment’s approach and show the most effective strategies. Sign up on my e-mail list to get notifications about new posts.





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