I show how to make money in the financial market. Regards Robert Smug.

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EA Oil Trader


EA Oil Trader

·         You are investing like Professional
·         You earn money in the long term
·         You use the same tools as Professionals
·         Your money works for you
·         You pulled the plug on hourly following the results
·         You can afford the thinkgs, which you always want to buy
·         You finally know what the free time is
·         You have new opportunities


It’s the picture of investor who use automatic trafing. You are so close to him. You can be that investor. I have a proposal for you. It can change your problem sinto real profit. Please, read this article, because few years later it can be too late. Investing can be pleasure.




My name is Robert Smug. I’m investing in Financial Markets for 10 years. I’m interesting in automatic investing for few years. In my early beginning with Forex market and CFD futures market, the part of my trading took place with automats. In the same time, I was investing manually. Now, 95% of my transactions are done with my EA tools. In private, I’m the father of 3 daughters. I can’t place my job life above family life. I must have time for everything. The automat investing helps me.




An automatic trading is definitely easier than manual trading. You must only start an EA on the platform. The automat submits orders, sets SL defensive positions, books profits and manages them. You must only inspect its work. I use my free time for creating new systems, using systems’ optimalization and children’s education.

Secondly, the automatic trading is more predictable. It’s definitely easier to earn by that trading if you have a right strategy, which has statistical superiority. Broker’s statistics and competitions’ results evidence of this strategy. (If you want to know my competitions’ results, please click here).




Are you a person who hasn’t got any experience in trading or you haven’t ever invested by EA? Are you afraid? Your position on market isn’t good? Don’t worry! You must only install EA on the platform and manage its work – you don’t have to learn everything about investing! It’s simple and convenient – you will earn money without affort.

Hedging founds’ statistics tell that found which are managed by EA, achieve better results than traditional. You can read more about them here.




I decided to make my trading easier and create a tool, which will work instead of me. The automatic EA Oil Trader System works on American oil called WTI. Why am I investing on oil? Because it’s one of the most variable and trend implement on the world. Only if you play with trend, on implements with high variable, you will earn a lot. My work on this tool started immediately after EA Freedom automat’s premiere, in September 2015.

I was testing various approaches and strategies, which I’d already meet in trading. Finally, I used tested techniques and approaches, which are known from decades. Techniques, which gave benefits for experienced traders. I used in its work opening strategies, which was described by Toby Crabel in 90s (the founder of Crabel Capital Management fund) and approach for Richard Dennis (one of the most known investor with system approach, who began with 400 $ and ended with 200 million $. He was also a creator of legendary Turtles’ Group in 80s).

After 4 months of work, in the end of December 2015, I started EA in one of my accounts. During 8 months the automat achieved 266% return metre, which equals 6045 €, by capital subsidence 15%.




Below I pasted one of example system’s play, which I placed on my Facebook profile (click here to see it).





Before I decided to start my EA, I performed series of backtests and forwardtest and done a minimal optimization. The results surprised me. It proved that the system earns more than I expected. I think that it’s one of my best systems.

Its main features are: very low capital subsidence, which makes that you can invest much more position’s sizes and reach quite-high profit.

On the first screen, I showed system’s tests from 2011 and I marked the place, when I started the system in December 2015.




As you can see, this system generated profit 9968 €, by capital subsidence 728 $ (660 €) during 5 years. It was investing in one lot position’s size. If somebody plays lower/higher position’s size, the profit will be proportionally lower/higher.

I decided to share this tool with you. Everybody has got a family, and passions which he want to develop. You don’t want to sit in front of the screens all day. And you don’t have to do it.




I’m always trying to create the system which capital requirements will be as low as possible. I think that the most important thing in investing is to achieve high profits in long time. It’s possible by increasing position’s size with increasing of profits, it’s compound interest’s rule. You must hear about it many times. The Oil Trader automat has got built-in module of position’s size management. Using this big tool in an appropiate way can generate really big profit. You don’t need to have any other tool. You can see below how big tool it is.


The same system, had launched with an aggressive position’s size management, generated profit about 1 mln $ (on tests). It had begun with only 1500 $.

Let’s think what you will do with all this money.




On the screen below, you can see the results, which EA achieved. There’re results from December 2015. What is more, I also pasted results from 2016 (you can see every moth separately). Before I shared this system, I want that the system had confirmed its effectiveness during minimum 12 months.




Results – every moth separately




It isn’t everything. In the end of April, I started EA on next real account, with more aggressive settings of module of position’s size management. The settings, which results you can see above. EA reached 1 million $ profit. To 3th of January, EA achieved profit about 2265 €. To be reliable, I pasted link for my real account (on MYFXBook portal):




You can analyze this account, just click on the picture above.

I’ve created the tool, which I use for myself. Thanks to this automat, I’ve got more time for myself and my relatives. I’m still investing, earning money, but I don’t have to spend my life only on it.




I would like to draw attention to the fact that investing, although it could be very profitable, is associated with the risk. The patience is very important thing in investing. Results, which I achieve don’t appear day by day. My systems don’t always have evenly growing capital curve. They also have periods of consolidation or loss. Remember – I only give you a tool, you must decide by yourself do how do you want to invest and with how risk.




There are questions, which a lot of people ask. The people, who have a little or no experience with automats. I decided to simplify my system – now everybody can install and operate this EA.

✓ Firstly, after purchase, I will automatically give you two install files with an instructional video. It will show you how to install the system and start it into

✓ Secondly, I decided to simplify my system to minimum. You must only decide in which broker start EA, how position’s size use. You must also think – will you let the automat increase position when the profits are bigger?

✓ What is more, if the strategies changes, I will give you every updates and optimizations – they will be automatically. I optimize my systems every 3-5 months. I also develop their working by testing new EA options. If one of these two actions will bring better results that actual which are using in EA, everything will update automatically. If you are using EA Oil Traderyou can be sure that you have the latest version.

EA Oil Trader is also very safe system. Firstly, it always uses SL so as to limit potential loss to minimum. EA doesn’t grid – when it has an open position, which is lossy, it doesn’t add next positions to average the loss.




The minimal fund, which you must have to start investing by this automat is 136 € for every 0,01 lot of position’s size (if you have an account in XTB, GKFX or Pepperstone). Every position’s increase for 0,01 lot makes that you must also increase your fund for next 136 €. If you want to have results like me, you will invest by 0,10 lot position’s size (so the minimum fund will be 1360 €).




Theoretically, this EA can work with every broker, but it isn’t suitable with every broker. The best broker for it is the broker with zero StopLevel with placing orders and as low as possible spread on oil. I can recommend three brokers, which are the most compatible with EA Oil Trader:

Polish broker XTB. If you want to know more about this broker, please click here.

If you prefer foreign brokers or if you live outside of Poland, I will recommend you GKFX It’s British broker, adjustable by FCA. If you want to know more about this broker, please click here.

If youre looking for big lever, more than 1:100, for example 1:500, I can recommend you Australian broker Pepperstone. To know more about this broker, please click here.




Now you know my philosophy of making this EA, you know tests results and previous profits. I worked on this automat a lot of work and I think that it’s one of my bests EA. Final price of this automat will be 797 €, but for the beginning period, the price will be lower.

Firstly, to 31st of January 2017, to 10 PM, the price will be:

677 €


So, it’s 120 € cheaper. It’s 15% discount! But only for 4 the fastest customers, so hurry up!

If you read my blog, you must know that I never reduce my prices. When my EA have better and better results, I am raising the prices.

If you want to buy my new automat in the low price, you must hurry – later it will be more expensive!

The discount will be active:

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It’s time for action, it’s time for your reaction!

Click the button Buy now (its’s on the down of the side) – it allows instant buying by online payment. You can also pay for my company’s account:

80 1750 0012 0000 0000 3259 5707
Profit Trading and Investing Sp. z o.o. Sp. Kom.
Hulewiczów 4d/5
Poznań, 60-688
with signature: EA OIL Trader




✓ an automat for investing with license for using it for four years. You can use this automat in any number of accounts, on maximum two computers,

✓ link for my real MyFXBook account – you will be able to follow my EA results and compare it with yours,

✓ instructional movies about EA start-up,

✓ EA description in PDF file,

✓ technical assistance for year (you can also extend it).

What is more – you will have a rest. You won’t have to look at screens all day, you’ll take your family on holiday – you will have time and money for it.




Include to glad customers right now! To confirm EA Oil Trader effectiveness, I’m showing few opinions, which my glad customers sent. One of the customers sent me his account statement. You can see it below.




The customer, who was investing with start-up capital 50 00 PLN, earned 83 564 PLN during 5 months. He was using quite-aggressive way to manage capital. He could have much better result but he admitted that he sometimes ended some positions manually. Those positions proved to be profitable. Congratulations to the customer – monetized he was better than me.

The opinion number two:



Good morning,

in reference to your e-mail, I decided to review the EA Oil Trader automat.

Automat works the same as you told. I’m very glad of my results. I’ve bought the automat by the end of June, after 3 months I earned about 42%. I think it’s very good result – before I usually losing.

I want to recommend this automat to other people. Automat plays that it should play. It sets SL and actually manage position by itself. The installation is pretty easy.

In you want to know more about my opinion – please write to me.

Thanks and regards



As you can see, the EA Oil Trader automat has got good reviews. The customer’s pleasure provides about its effectiveness. So, don’t wonder longer – buy EA Oil Trader now!

PS Very important!

I’m emphasizing that mass sell of automats isn’t my destination. I want to give a solution which will have very high probability of generating profit. I earmark most of my profits for EA’s development, work for new EA, upkeep all technical infrastructure and profit increase, which I already dispose. Currently I’m using 17 automatic systems and share only 2 of them.

Click the button Buy now (its’s on the down of the side) – it allows instant buying by online payment. You can also pay for my company’s account:

80 1750 0012 0000 0000 3259 5707
Profit Trading and Investing Sp. z o.o. Sp. Kom.
Hulewiczów 4d/5
Poznań, 60-688
with signature: EA OIL Trader


If you have any questions – you’re welcome to contact

Mail: Robert (at) profittrader.pl

Skype: smug.robert

Phone: +48 698 688 336

You’re welcome to contact



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