I show how to make money in the financial market. Regards Robert Smug.

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Privacy policy

The privacy policy of site www.robertsmug.com

I General information

1. The operator of robertsmug.com service is:

Profit Trading and Investing Sp. zo.o. Sp. Komandytowa

ul. Hulewiczów 4d/5, 60-688 Poznań

Tel.: 698 668 336

Email: kontakt (at) robertsmug. pl

2. The service implements the function of obtaining information about the user and his behavior as follows:

a) by form information which was entered voluntarily

b) by saving in the ending devices cookies files

c) By collecting server’s www logo by hosting operator IntegraDesign, Mariusz Barczyk, al. Niepodległości 48/40, 42-216 Częstochowa, http://www.idhosting.pl.

II Form information

1. The service collects information which was entered voluntarily by user.

2. What is more, the service can save information about connection parameters (marking time, IP address).

3. The data in the form isn’t sharing for other people other than with the consent of user.

4. The data in the form can be a set of potential customers, registered by service operator in the register which is guided by General Inspector of Data Protection.

5. The data in the form are processed to destination which results from the specific form’s function, for example to making process of staff service request or business contact.

6. The data in the form can be submitted for technical subjects which are realizing some services can be submitted to technical subjects which are realizing some services – especially transmission of information about owner of the registered domain for subjects which are internet domains’ operators (primarily Scientific and Academic Website – NASK), services which serves payments or other subjects which the operator working with.

III Information about cookies files

1. The service is using cookies files.

2. The cookies files are the IT data, especially text files, which are stored in the ending devices of service’s user and they are designed for service’s www pages using. Cookies usually have the name of the site form which they are, storage in the ending devices time and unique number.

3. The subject which is pasting the cookies files on the ending devices of service’s user and which reach ability for them is the service operator.

4. The cookies files are using for:

a. making statistics, which help to know how service’s users are using www sites, which can improving their structure and content;

b. keeping user’s session (after log in), thanks for it, the user don’t have to enter his login and password on each subpage.

c. definition user’s profile for showing him suited stuff on the advertising sites, especially on Google site.

5. As part of the service we are using two essential kinds of cookies files: session cookies and persistent cookies. Session cookies are temporary files, which are storage on the user’s ending device – to the time of logging out, leaving www site or turning off the browser. The permanent cookies are storage on the user’s ending device by the identified on file’s parameters time or to deleting by the user.

6.The software for viewing the www sites (the browser) usually implicitly allows the cookies files’ storage in the user’s ending device. The service’s users can change settings in the range of it. The browser allows deleting cookies files. You can also automatically block cookie files. You can find the detailed information about it on help or browser’s documentation.

7. Restrictions of cookies file’s using can impact on some functions which are allowed on the service’s www sites.

8. Cookies files are posted on the user’s ending device and it can be use by advertisers and partners who are cooperating with the service.

9. We are recommending to read privacy policy of those companies to know the rules of using cookies files (which are used in statistics). Privacy policy of Google Analytics.

10. The cookies files can be using by advertisement sites, especially Google, for viewing advertisements which will be suitable with the way of user’s using of the service. In order to this the can save information about the user’s navigation path or the time when he is staying on the site.

11. In the range of information about user’s preferences which are collected by the Google’s advertisement site. The user can scroll and edit information which are result of cookies files by using tool: https://www.google.com/ads/preferences/

IV Server’s logs:

1. Information about behaviour of users are subject logging in the server’s layer. The data are using only in order to server’s administration and for ensure efficient staff of hosting’s services.

2. Viewed resources are identified by URL addresses. What is more:

a. the time of question advent

b. the time of answer send

c. the name of customer’s station – the identification is realized by HTTP protocol

d. the information about mistakes which happened by realization HTTP transaction.

e. The URL address of the site which the user visited recently – when the transition to the service was by the reference.

f. the information about user’s browser

g. the information about IP address

can be recorded.

3. The data isn’t associated with the specific people who are scrolling sites.

4. The data is using only for server’s administration.

V Data’s sharing

1. The data is sharing for outdoor subjects only within the law.

2. The data which can help to recognize the person is sharing only by courtesy of this person.

3. The operator can be obligated for providing the information which was collected by the service 

VI Administration of cookies files – how to make and undo consent?

1. If the user don’t want to get cookies files, he can change the browser’s settings. We reserve that turning off the cookies services which are necessary for authentication processes, safety, keeping user’s preferences can complicate and in extreme cases prevent using www sites.

2. In order to administration of cookies settings, choose from list below your browser and follow the istructions:

a. Internet Explorer

b. Chrome

c. Safari

d. Firefox

e. Android

f. Safari (iOS)

g. Windows Phone

h. Blackberry