I show how to make money in the financial market. Regards Robert Smug.

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4 Bonuses

Create an account in one of brokers which I recommend (click on the link at the bottom of page) and receive my 4 bonuses, which total value is 565 €. It includes 3 investment strategies, which you can use by investing on daily chart and by DayTrading. What is more, you can receive bonuses from brokers.



You will get my 4 special bonuses, includes 3 investment systems if you open an account from my link in one of brokers which I recommend.


New! Bonus No1

complete investment system Trend Up Follower, which value is 1497 PLN. It has confirmed results (read below). It’s DAX system for daily interval. To invest by this system, you must spend maximum 20 minutes per day on investing. You must only make an order on German DAX index – early in the morning, just after market’s opening or in the evening, just before market’s closing.

I pasted system’s results from April 2014 to 2nd of November 2016. It generates profit around 5 315 points.

It’s a very good system if you begin, it demands minimum time. You will get to know what the system trading is. Most of the successful traders were investing by those systems.





I am offering this system in paid version, it costs 1497 PLN. If you want to read more about this system or buy it without creating an account, please click here.

Bonus No2

Webinar’s record. In that movie I’ll show you complete investing system for the most important data from American’s NFP work’s market. On this movie you will see when and how to open position, how to manage the position and how to close it among others. You can use this system once per month.

Below you can see this system’s results (from December 2014 – then I started to make statistics). If you invest 1 lot, you’ll earn 4897 €.



Normal price of this system is: 136 €.

If you want to get this system without creating an account, please click here.

Bonus No3

Webinar’s record: “Create your investing wallet by opening strategy”, on which I showed 2 systems:

  1. Opening for DAX
  2. Opening for GBPUSD

Opening strategies are one of the most effective. They’re trend following strategies and they proving very well on trend markets.

On this webinar I presented what opening strategies are and I showed two opening systems for GPBUSD and DAX. They’re very easy to use systems. They’re demand only one or two hours per day for trading.

Below you can find system’s results for DAX for last five years.



Below you can find opening system’s results for GBPUSD (from the beginning of 2015).



On this webinar I’m talking about entrance and exit from position moments, how to designate SL and TP, BEP and about position’s size management.

Webinar’s plan:



Normally this bonus costs 793 €.

Bonus No4

one hour of individual Skype’s consultation with me. In that consultation you will be able to talk about everything which interests you about trading.

Normally this bonus costs 90 € per hour.


Total value of my bonuses (1,2 and 4) is 565 €. You can also get bonuses from brokers.


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There are many brokers on markets, but only few of them are worth recommend. That’s why I want to recommend you only the best brokers. I am investing most of my resources for international financial markets by this brokers. They are:  ……  and ………..


If you open a real account in one of this brokers from my recommendation and fund it by minimum 2000 PLN, just send me an e-mail and you will get my bonuses.


Click below, on one of broker’s icon and get to know details of its offer! You can also find here a movie for creating an account and getting bonuses!



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