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Robert Smug
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I'm writing my blog since 6 years. You can read here about my earning methods, my market analysis and LIVE plays.

Welcome to my home page

It is a new scene of the website dedicated to the current situation in the financial markets, which is carried out uninterruptedly since 2009!

Thanks to that you will find a magnitude of information and knowledge concerning  the behaviour of courses major currency pairs and other financial instruments over a number of years.


published: 7
Nov 2016

In my last post I told about DAX’s situation from the intermediate site. I’ll come back to this topic in the end of this post, because…


I’ve got two messages for you. The first one is about my systems scores’ update. You can get that systems if you create an account in…

published: 26
Oct 2016

Since September it’s clear consolidation on DAX. You can see it on week’s chart, which I’m presenting below. It’s 12th week when this index is in…


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