I show how to make money in the financial market. Regards Robert Smug.

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Robert Smug
Read my story. Find out how I became trader.
I'm writing my blog since 6 years. You can read here about my earning methods, my market analysis and LIVE plays.

Welcome to my home page

It is a new scene of the website dedicated to the current situation in the financial markets, which is carried out uninterruptedly since 2015!

Thanks to that you will find a magnitude of information and knowledge concerning  the behaviour of courses major currency pairs and other financial instruments over a number of years.


published: 25
Jan 2017

This article is the beginning of reactivation of my regular analyses. Last year I wrote two articles about situation on market. Both of them were about…

published: 12
Jan 2017

I’ve got two important messages for you.   Firstly: All good things must come to an end.   I decided that on 31st of January I’ll…


World Top Investor competition – I’m taking part in the 7th edition! My goal: get as better as possible return foot by minimum of risk and…


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